What is your vision Dealer?

Okay, so you want to be an A.R.E.A. Art Dealer! 

Yes, Good, Great, God loves you…


What are you doing about it?

Front Street Much?

Yea, pretty much.

Earning income is not easy.

It takes hard work.  First mentally and then physically.

You see, Mentally, you have to get over the fear of feeling inadequate enough to ask for money, among other fears.. (*raises hand*)

Physically, you have to put your body into motion carrying out the actions determined to make money; which is hard too, especially when combined with the mental constraints.

You have to be willing to put yourself out there.

And in this case, you’re putting yourself out there for art. 

A practice that has a long way to go in convincing people of its value.

Okay, now focus.

I don’t mean to scare you.

It can be done. You can have success with you art business( SEE HERE), but again I ask, what are you willing to do about it?

And Why?

What is your vision as an Art Dealer?   In what ways do the pieces you represent speak to others about your unique perspective of art?

I ask these questions because it’s important for you to think about these things, so you’re not lost.

Answering these questions for you are the first physical and mental steps needed to get started as a successful dealer.


Once you answer these questions, you’ll not only clear your path, you’ll gain confidence to get started selling your art.


Write your vision for being a dealer.

Is it to be the go to person for dope visual art in your area?

What perspective about art are you trying to convey?

Why is this unique to you?

Comment within this post…if you do I’ll send you a customized 

A REBEL EYE ART notepad to journal these thoughts and answers.