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 A Multi-faceted Art House of Raw, Inspired, Art & Ideas. SINCE 1999.





The A.R.E.A. Chat feature is for art lovers to submit questions regarding the logistics of any art they wish to buy.  I will only respond to chat's within the realm of art purchases, process, specs, etc.  I will suggest tips and advice to help you better experience the art your purchase from me.

The CHAT feature is operational from 12pmCST TO 3pmCST daily.


Item details, like size, edition no, quality check, weight, product function, return policy links and useful tips will be listed within the product detail.  




In order to make your art collecting more significant, I've established a limited edition rule for all fine art paper prints. All prints sold in my studio shop are limited edition prints.  This means that a fixed number of prints will be produced and sold under the premise that no further prints will be produced later.

Limited Edition Prints will be denoted as follows:  e.g. 50ED.

50= The fixed number of prints to be made



My original works will be available for purchase in my studio shop for limited times throughout the year.  For updates on when I will release original artwork, email:



Canvas Seeds are intended to assist with all levels of aspiring artists.  From Beginner to Intermediate to Expert.  Canvas Seeds are an original studio made good.

Level 1 Canvas Seeds are ideal for Beginner artists.  Beginner means the artist is new to painting and has had little to no experience with the arts. 

Level 2 Canvas Seeds are ideal for Intermediate artists.  Intermediate artists have had some experience with painting and can mix colors. 

Level 3 Canvas Seeds are ideal for seasoned artists who know how to mix colors, apply other mediums (mixed media), and can use multiple brushes to achieve a solid look.


Art Apparel found in the marketplace is made in the studio.  I choose quality T-shirts for customers to get the best feel and use careful printing techniques to so customers can wear a solid design.


A Rebel Eye Art Studio hand-crafts small batch art supplies in the form of art paint, art panels, and other art mediums.  My paint items have been certified as abiding by US Governmental Regulations as it relates to the Consumer Product Safety Standard of ASTM-D4236.  Having this standard met by verifying the toxicity of my paints by a toxicologist allows me to legally sell paint to consumers. Art Panels do not have to comply with this standard.

For more info : email



Jewelry found in the shop is patterned after my artworks, illustrations and paintings.  


Collecting Raw Canvases

When you collect my raw canvases, you are essentially collecting original artwork.  These pieces range in sizes Small, Medium and Large as sized by me.  Prices are set based on sizes and will not change as the collection is updated.

SMALL (Up to 15x15 inches) raw canvases are $50.00

MED (Up to 20 inches) Raw Canvases are $75.00

LARGE (Up to 36 inches) Raw Canvases $125.00

XXL Raw Canvases (Up to 48 inches) $175.00

Raw canvases are unframed and unmeasured and may even be unfinished.   Cut down based on how you want to experience the work.   I can cut and frame the pieces for an additional $25.00.  Shipping is free on all raw canvas orders. 

To receive updates on Raw Canvas releases, follow me on Instagram @


Raw Canvases are rolled and may require steaming in order to accomplish a flat appearance.

Raw Canvases are sprayed with a protectant and gloss coating and are also signed by me.




If you are not immediately going to frame or hang your art, we recommend storing it flat in a drawer in their original sleeves, away from direct sun, heat and humidity.  If your art was shipped in a tube, set books or plat weight on top of it to flatten.

In addition, all ORIGINAL ART will have a "CONDITION REPORT" listed to better prepare you what to expect when you receive your item after purchase.  The Condition Report, will provide detail regarding material used, if the material is "wet", dimensions, marks, etc.


SHIPPING AND RETURNS FAQS- A REBEL EYE ART Shipping/Return Policies are as follows:

Shipping rates are calculated by zip code.

Please note that the size of an artwork may affect the overall price of shipping, this includes the weight of an art gift. 


All original art and print sales are final, at this time we do not grant refunds/returns.  Jewelry and apparel, may be returned within 7 days of receipt of the purchased product under special circumstances.  Please email:, subject: RETURN, along with the order number and picture of item to be returned.  We will contact you to discuss the nature of the return.  If we deem it valid, we will grant a refund when a return shipping label is emailed to us. Please note, that the studio does not comp for return shipping.  Returns only include items that do not fit.  All items must be returned within good condition with applicable tags/labels in tact.


Art Materials/Supplies may only be returned/refunded if they have not been opened.  You have 7 days from the date of your order to return your art supplies.  Please be sure to also email: notifying of your decision to return and order number. 


Depending on the nature of the art gift, delivery could be anywhere between 7-14 days.  I ship all tile, ceramics, "hard" art gifts direct from my studio.  The weight of these items will affect pricing.  Gift items are non-refundable. 


A.R.E.A. prints are MADE IN HOUSE and are print on demand.

This means that limited-edition prints are not prepped for shipping until full receipt of payment.

Upon full receipt of payment, limited edition prints are signed, stamped, recorded and packaged for shipping.

(At any time an owner of a limited edition A.R.E.A. work can recover a lost “Certificate of Authenticity” or Insurance Policy for the art).

Please allow up to 7-10 days for receipt of your print after the initial order is placed.

All prints are shipped flat.

Shipping rates are determined by  your “Ship To” address.

An email will be sent to the address submitted confirming your shipping order.

All Limited Edition Print sales are final, no returns are granted. 



Original A.R.E.A. art is prepped for shipping within two days of the initial order and payment.

Please allow between 7-10 days for receipt of your original artwork after your initial order is placed.

Consider that original artwork may incur an added shipping cost, due to the nature of the work.

For those items too large for Priority Mail Boxes we will use UPS or Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Freight, whichever is most appropriate for your items size and weight

A.R.E.A. will not proceed with shipping until you've agreed to these additional charges

All Original artwork is prepped, signed, and recorded before shipping.

(At any time an owner of an original A.R.E.A. work can recover a lost “Certificate of Authenticity” or Insurance Policy for the art).

An email will be sent to the address submitted confirming your shipping order.



Discounts will be made available on the site,  Society Members will receive discounts delivered to the email address submitted at the time of becoming a member.


Unfortunately, we do not restore damaged work.  If your artwork is damaged, send en email to, subject; SHIPPING to report the damage.  Depending on the severity of damage, we may consider granting a refund.  In the event where a print might be damaged, send us email and we will grant an exchange up to one print.


ALKMY- ALKMY is the paint brand of A Rebel Eye Art Studio offering watercolors and oil paints of natural earth tones. 

Canvas Prints- Canvas Prints are my artworks printed on Epson Poly Cotton blend canvas paper and printed with archival inks.  

Canvas Seeds- Canvas Seeds are blank black and white outlines of my original artworks.  Can be used to fill with color.

Digital Downloads- printable images for customers who'd like to frame my prints 

Gloss- A coat of sheen applied to artworks for enhancement and shine

Rebel Atelier - Online courses offerings by the studio to assist artists and their careers.

Specialty Art- art printed in a non-traditional format on 3D items.