Farrah was enrolled in a studio art class in highschool that changed her life.  It was required that she make good art using a variety of mediums/ materials in order to pass the class and subsequently earn college credit.  The challenge was difficult then, but much easier now.  Farrah creates in the same multi-approach manner to this day, finding it hard to do her art any other way.  “I realize that my art can be confusing and that it can be perceived as being all over the place” but I don’t see it that way.  I love being able to take a subject and then remix it by drawing upon skills, ideas and techniques that are uniquely mine."  Being well-rounded means that you don’t have to go anywhere else to find art!  You can find everything from an abstract interpretation to realist piece in my studio.  I love the idea of one traveling along with me and my journey with art, picking up things here and there along the way to make their journey with art even more special.


Neo-Folk Contemporary Art bridges the essence of folk art, figurative art, contemporary edge into one using traditional and mixed media to achieve the overall work. 


My artistic voice is visualized by themes of nature, feminine and masculine energies, rawness and the unseen, solidified by my worldly and seemingly other worldly experiences.  When I create I'm thinking of the quiet places in our minds, waiting for these elements to arrive and manifest delectably when ready.  These places/elements do not compete with the hustle and bustle the roles our physical lives play within in our mindsets. This quiet area waits for the silence, the stillness.  In this is where the freedom to "be" resides.   My imagination begins to flow and I envision a world where delicateness, purity, justice and solace rule.  The result is art that demarginalizes,, art that has restorative properties and art that bends the concept of reality.


You'll often see recurring elements/themes in my work.  Each has a purpose of emphasizing the subjects in my paintings.  I will add to this list periodically.

Balloons- At times we can feel deflated or blown up by the constant memories that pass through our thoughts. When I include balloons in my works it represents the indelible memories of hopelessness or pride.  

Birds-Additions of birds or wings to my work represent the concept of flight,freedom, and endless possibilities.  These additions are also inspired by the time I spend admiring nature at home.  During this special time, I'm often visited by the same bird.  It whisks in and whisks out but always gives a glimpse of its beauty and abilities. 

Cityscapes- The city invokes a deep and sensuous mood for me.  There is a cryptic cool to it that I like to convey in my artworks.

Closed Eyes- When we close our eyes we can drift to many different places.  Whether it's the trip we take throughout our deep consciousness, the act of sleeping or even the journey to death, it is a time, forcibly or not where we are in transition or reincarnation. 

Contorted Body Figures- “Movement as the fountain of youth”.  There is a fluidness to the my figures I’d like the viewer to understand. 

Covered Faces- When you doubt yourself, you hide.  Figures in my works with covered faces are a representation of someone who may be struggling with the idea of self-worth.

Flowers-How different life would be if nothing ever grew, if everything was stagnant.  The flowers in my works typically caress and surround my figures, representing the subject in the midst of growth and maturity. 


I share my studio work in many forms.  My works can be collected as original art, canvas prints, fine art paper prints, specialty products and art "gift ware".


My studio’s raw paintings are authentic representations of my passion for art that captures my unorthodox and unconscious thoughts.   I use raw, scrap canvas I’ve cut in a rough manner to mix with my palette knife technique to carve out poetic images that are original, commanding, innocent and unscripted. 

When you collect these pieces, you will see a rough cut edges, textured surfaces, fragmented paint strokes.  You will feel the cut of the palette knife and smell the essence of my studio.  They may even give you the residue of pastel, evidence of the methods used to craft these messy artistic voyages.