I’ve started this new year off all wrong.  Here’s what I mean

For those of you who have decided to take a chance on me by following my social media pages, joined my email lists, etc…I’ve done you all the way wrong.  I don’t post consistently, I don’t give updates, say hi with emails, none of it because for the past year, I’ve been frozen.  Frozen in total frustration and fear.

Let me explain.

My frustration and fear stem from a lot of things.

Here are a few: 

Not knowing which type of art to make because being true to me has not “hit” like I wanted it to and based on what I’ve seen “Hit” out here in these streets, I’m not willing to downgrade my subject matter and/or skill level just to fit in.

Frustration because most of my day is not dedicated to art, because, well, I’m still an employee, (aargh!)

But the no. 1 reason for my frustration is because I’ve always gotten it wrong.

I suffered from the “everything must be right when it comes to my art before I release it” syndrome for the past year because in the past I’ve always gotten it wrong.

Let me give you an example.

Girl creates art, shows it on social media…*crickets*…1 like…ok, now 3 more…ok…*crickets into infinity* Nothing more… For an artist this is humiliating.

Enough to make you run and hide!

And because of this I can’t decide if I want to be an artist or not. Some might say that statement alone is evidence that I should let this go.  Some would also say, I’m in it for the wrong reasons. But I’d like to remind you that there is such a business concept as testing the market and if you didn’t know, I went into this art world for mostly pleasure and most importantly business. < (More on THAT later)

When you test the market, you’re doing it to determine if you’ve got something.

If you get a response through testing, then you’ve got something, if you don’t get a response, then put that damn product away, right?

So that’s what I did. I took the lack of interest as having no product and then completely removed myself from the scene.  I put me away.

At least I think I did…at least I wanted to.

I don’t use the term “Rebel” in my studio name for no reason however.

There is always something in me that will attempt to defy common sense just because…I mean why the hell not right?


No?  Don’t defy common sense you say? You may be right about that one but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.


My defiance in list form

I’ve decided to limit my art scope to creating in specific areas – Custom Eye Oil Painting Commissions, Chained Paintings, Rebel Eye Paintings, with this theme in mind.  Common sense says – make one’s art available in as many ways as one can- via prints, t-shirts, shower curtains, etc. oh and do what everyone else is doing! Where are the afros, butterflies and nude figures?!

I’ve now segmented my website into 2 separate areas – one for art lovers, you, and the other for artists –Common sense says- that’s too specific, you’ll run people away! I guess we’ll see.

I’ve minimizing the admin side of the game by only delivering an email weekly to those who do enjoy my defiance and art.  –Common sense says, no “b”, post to all of your social media avenues daily!  This email will be much more hefty than my social media posts…Join that hefty list here.

I’m still creating ALKMY oil paint but oil paint only, no more watercolors.  I’ve even switched the formula to make the paints more fluid, with a buttery consistency….less oily too– Common sense says – “Why wouldn’t you create all the products in the world and try to sell them?!

I’m starting an online, experimental art school where the classes will be live for Rebel Atelier Group members only and center on improving, enhancing or expanding an artist skills–Common sense says- Why aren’t you using Teachable or Udemy? Again, we’ll see?

I’ve decided that anyone can share in a sale with me, yes I’ve committed to being a starving artist, NOT! SEECommon sense would say – Fool, are you stupid.  Keep all the money for yourself!

These are just a few examples of how I plan to defy common sense in order to correct the wrongs I’ve committed in the past.

Are you ready to be “right” with me again?

Signed, your defiant, sometimey artist.