This pic inspires me to the fullest. I initially found it on Pinterest and was awed by it to say the least. The moment I saw it I became acutely aware of my potential and possibility  as an artist. Lois Mailou Jones was a badass black woman artist. I first saw her work in a book I have stashed in my art library, simply titled : African-American Art. It’s cover is flanked with the neon yellow and green artwork of Aaron Douglas, it was hard not to pick it up years ago. 

In it the author dedicated a rectangular block to her work which was Vibrant, African, Painterly, and Symbolic all at once. 

I really don’t have much else to say except for I appreciate you Ms. Jones.


 I’m actually sneaking this blog post in at work. Thank heavens for access to my blog via mobile ...it makes it look like I’m texting...now let me get back to work. I just wanted to pay tribute to this elder, artistic sole, and today and forever more my inspiration.