WTF is a Silent Party?


This past weekend I was invited to show my work at a silent party.

Yes, I said silent and I also used the word party. Complete oxymoron, I know but putting that aside, Im here to tell you that it was actually a pretty cool experience.

Artist Robert Hodge was gracious enough to extend an invitation to participate and I accepted.

The event was titled The Dope Headphone Experience (pic pictured below).



Basically, you’re partying with music playing in a headphone set.

Imagine walking into a party and hearing nothing but seeing people dancing.

Kinda weird right? but surprisingly fun!

Once you received your headphones in exchange for your license, you were given the option to listen to 3 separate djs.


In this case, each played a different style of music, from old school music, 90’s to 2000’s Hip Hop to a mix between R&B, World Beat Music. < I’m sure that’s the wrong term.

Each DJ was represented by color, red, blue, and green.

Did you know it was possible to also watch a live band through these headphones too? Yep.

I discovered a new band that night. Can’t think of the name at the moment but they were pleasantly jazzy. 

The best part of this whole night is that I had a voracious appetite to create for this event.  Something I haven’t had or felt in a while.

I made 3 new pieces in the style of the event and a throwback style of my art…

Can I also admit, I finished all three the same day of the party?! 😝😩

I chose to create a 3 piece, mixed media set incorporating oil, acrylic, spray paint and pastel.

Because of the type of event, I gave myself freedom to re-explore that era where creating was free, wild and expressive for me. I was able to accomplish a realist, expressive look to the pieces that fit right in with the vibe.

Works Below in video form. 

Would I do the Dope Headphone Experience again? Yes and No.  I like to be at my house, the title of my blog pretty much sums it up for me but I would do it again because I also need to get my ass out of the house and more than anything be ready for the opportunity to show and talk about my artwork.

This was the first weekend in a long time where I was willing to do just that.

I should mention that I exhibited alongside my fellow Houston artist mates, Dominic Clay who is currently showing at The Bisong Gallery here in Houston and artist Blake Bean, who is showing work with me at the Houston Museum of African American Culture currently.

Both brought “it” as usual.

On to the next…stay tuned.