If you don’t know, I make small batches of oil paint and am attempting to start an actual product line and brand.

Exciting and scary all at once, I started with my first sample offering 2017, called the ALKMY Essential Earth Primaries Oil Paint set, featuring non-toxic oil paints of Deep Red, Oxide Black, Titanium White, Deep Yellow Ochre and Natural Blue.  It actually is a great set for flesh tones.

In between, I've made colors that ended in fails...or in other words the quality sucked with regard to longevity.  I realized that the internet is full of it and not every supplier can be trusted to provide the right product you need.  That's a whole other story for another time.

Well, I’m excited to share that I have concocted two more colors for the line-up which are in test mode right now!!!


Test Mode essentially means the period between making and assessing the quality of the paint.  After making it, I let it sit in a controlled cool area and warm area before sampling myself by creating a small little painting.  If it has the right consistency and hue, I’ll then shelve it for 3 months before making it available in my studio, while having the ingredients certified as non-toxic in the meantime.

Here is a pic of the new colors, sampled on marker board, I’m naming Desert Storm and Dark Mint- not the typical sorta of names you’d expect but ALKMY, the name of my small but budding paints,  is different.

What comes to mind when you see this?  A little psychology humor.

What comes to mind when you see this?  A little psychology humor.

My colors are intended to get straight to the point of color application requiring less mixing for an artist. Naming them the way I do, I believe this will help the artist’s mind get straight to the point in their pieces when thinking of which color should be applied. My goal is to create more colors that will reduce the complication around the mixing process.  

I can’t wait to show you how I’m going to use the colors…stay tuned.

I’m going to release the results of this testing period this weekend or the sometime next week.