How long have you been practicing art?

It initially began out of nowhere.  If I had to guess, my ninth grade year, so 1996.  It wasn't until my junior year that my art teacher decided to place me in an AP Studio Art and Art History course for my senior year which allowed me to graduate with National Art Honor Society Status and college credit. 

What was your first painting?

I remember painting a pregnant woman in a dress. It was a dark painting with purples and black and a blank brown face.  It was flat.  My earlier works, which I no longer possess, strongly resembled the works of artist Jacob Lawrence, just to give you some sort of reference, in terms of structure and painting technique.  He was and still is my favorite artist of all time. 

What is your material of choice?

I've run the gamut of materials.  I began with tempera because it was all I could afford as a teen.  From there I moved to pastels, mixed medias, finally settling on a combination of acrylic and pastels.  

What is your process?

My process is hard to explain.  It usually begins with an idea and from there I think about how I can make the idea come to life in a way never imagined for the viewer.  I don't plot or plan the look: I literally just set up the paints that I'm "feeling", the canvas and go.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by sadness, the discredited, the dejected, the unconsidered and forgotten.  I think about bringing those empty spaces to life through color.  Most of my pieces are original and not based on any subject as a result.  I often think of my pieces as the empty and forgotten spaces becoming real.  The faces that come alive through my paintings, I imagine are the faces of lost, invisible souls, once lived bodies on earth and future bodies to roam the earth.  My art plugs the wholes. 

Do you do commissions?

I no longer do commissions



Who/What makes your art studio products?

All art related products (life artifacts) with the exception of my large canvas reproductions, and "specialty" products, sold in my shop are made in my studio.  I do this to guarantee that you are getting art products that are made with authenticity, love, quality and integrity.  

Why do you make reproductions/prints?

A conversation with a thriving art businessman taught me that my most valuable asset is the art.  It is important for me to hold on to the legacy of my creations so that they are passed down throughout generations.  Dispersing the originals now, devalues my legacy and mission.  Prints treat the demand and drive the demand. The misconception is that prints devalue the original work.  This is only true if one discards the treatment of their brand/mission/purpose. Also, prints are a great entry point for people to enter into the art world and they can be considered as valuable too.

Will you offer more art related products in the future?

Yes. More products will soon be made available.  Please check the store or my studio social media handles for updates. 

What is your price point?

My prices begin at $12.99 to $$$

What exactly is your ART REMIX Service?

Owners of art no longer liked or no longer serving its purpose may be sent to my PO box, where I will then assess the artworks' value and send money to the owner or allow the owner to choose to receive a small commission from the sale of the artwork I've remixed.   My studio will pay a 10% commission of the sale on pieces I've successfully sold.  A person may send up to 5 pieces per year for consideration.  My studio will notify you of commissions to the email provided once the piece is sold.  The subject line will read:  'A REBEL EYE ART STUDIOS has sold your artwork'  Prices set for remixed pieces are determined by the studio and art market.  One may check our online store to review pricing at any time.  

How do I participate in the art remix service?

Simply fill out the form I'll send when you email info@arebeleyeart.com and make your selections based on what you want.  From there we will send you a form with instructions on how to package.  I do not pay for postage/shipping of your artworks.  Once I've received the artworks you will be notified. I will then assess the artwork and proposed pay out if you've selected to receive such.  If you do not agree to the payout amount, I will return the artwork to you.  If you do accept the payout, confirm your paypal email within your response and I will issue funds the same day.  (Please note that the issuance of funds by my studio relies solely on the terms of PayPal. Please read and understand Paypals terms) You must have a Paypal or Stripe account to participate. 

What types of pieces do you accept in the ART REMIX program?

I only accept canvas art pieces.  No framed art or prints. Prints on canvas are acceptable. 


A.R.E.A. SOCIETY is made up of members who submit an email when visiting the site.  A.R.E.A. SOCIETY MEMBERS are the dope ones that understand my vision and get good things from me.  "Good Things" will be delivered to your email on a monthly basis in the form of Shop News, Discounts, Access to limited edition art & art gifts first, plus more. 



When can I expect to receive my order? 

Thanks for ordering from my art studio! Original artworks, prints, will ship out the day the order is confirmed by payment.  Please allow up to 10 days for artworks and specialty products to be received.  

Are your Studio items refundable?

Original artwork and prints are non-refundable.  There is just no way at this time to guarantee that art refunds are legitimate.  Specialty products you've ordered however are refundable.  Specialty products include any product noted as "SPECIALTY" in the item details section of my studio shop.  Refunds are processed the moment I receive a refund request to my email: info@arebeleyeart.com

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