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"PAINT an ABSTRACT FACE" Online Course


"PAINT an ABSTRACT FACE" Online Course


"PAINT an ABSTRACT FACE" Online Course


Take my new Rebel Atelier course:

"Painting the Abstract Face" 

and learn my technique for painting abstract portraits with a palette knife. 

Courses are formatted in video and will be delivered by link to the email provided at checkout. 


In this course learn the basics of painting an Abstract portrait with my palette knife method.  We’ll begin with five random colors, a raw canvas and several palette knifes.  We will assemble the perfect abstract portrait by recognizing standard face structure and using acrylic paint to make dynamic face structures.  I’ll teach you how to find a cool, artsy face in a mess of paint.

By taking this video course:

-You'll learn how to accentuate and identify face structure amidst any backdrop to make your portraits dynamic

-Create abstract backgrounds and surfaces

-Beef up your artistic repertoire/portfolio with abstract art skills

-I will critique your finished piece

-Receive a signed/certified Rebel Atelier Certificate from me


Level: Basic to Moderate

Cost: $15.99

Status: Open

Materials not provided

Total Estimated Cost of Materials for this course-$35.00


5 tubes of variant colored acrylic paint tubes

1-6 palette knifes

1 Easel

1-5 16x20 Canvases ( just in case you need to start over while watching!)

Acrylic brushes


Paper Towels




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