Facebook Live Sessions

Facebook Live Sessions

from 19.99

The Rebel Atelier will hold its first online art sessions beginning in MARCH!

These classes are held LIVE via the Private Rebel Atelier Group. 

A link to join the group will be sent after payment.

Payment of classes ensures that you are enrolled for the month.  Each class will be held 2x a month. Finishing up on the 4th Friday. 

Supply Lists will be emailed to the email address provided at checkout along with instructional downloads to assist you through the session in 24 hours.

My Live Sessions are intended to help improve the skills (in real time) of artists who desire to be exhibiting, showing professional and quality work.

I will be available and open for questions during the session.


Artist Discounts can be applied to these sessions. Purchase the Artist Discount HERE.

Session Type:

APPLY YOUR STUDIO DISCOUNT to this class.  Don't have one? Get one here. 


REBEL ATELIER is online, experimental art instruction by A Rebel Eye Art Studio.

WHO: Rebel Atelier is the art instructional wing of A Rebel Eye Art Studio, led by Farrah Lynch.  Chief Badass Artist and Owner. Farrah fell in love with art at the tinder age of 16 and has since amassed over 200 works of art, has exhibited and continues to exhibit in museums and galleries throughout the Houston area, has received several awards including a scholarship to the prestigious Glassell School of Art and participates in art charitable events yearly.

WHAT: Online experimental art instruction with courses geared to help aspiring black artists improve their art.

WHEN: 2nd and 4th Friday of every month at 2:30pm CST and 8:00 pm CST

WHERE: Live via the Rebel Atelier Facebook Group Page.

WHY: To improve Black Art execution and content to make your art standout and black art more meaningful as a whole.

PAYMENT/PRICE: All standard courses in the Atelier are priced @ $29.99 USD per course each month.  Preimum courses - $39.99

MEMBERSHIPS ARE REVOKED after each monthly session for one-time payments.

You will have the option to pay a monthly recurring fee of $24.99 for unlimited access to atelier courses at checkout.

LENGTH: Each course will last approximately 1-1.5 hours.  

ACCESS: Access to courses via membership becomes available as payment is made.  I will send a link to the group to the email address provided at signup.  

COURSE COMPLETION: Courses are designed to last for the month only.  Each will begin the 2nd Friday and end on the 4th Friday of the month. 

COURSE TYPES:  Black Art Centric and will cover a range of topics geared toward improving artistic execution and establishing meaningful dialogue through black art.

The Black Face - Facial Features in Oils

The Black Portrait - Alla Prima Edition